Frequent Questions

Q: “Can I wash my ScentLok suit?”

A: Yes you can wash ScentLok products but this is not a necessary step in the process. Washing does not harm the activated carbon but it may loosen some of the excess carbon. You only need to wash ScentLok clothing if it becomes extremely dirty or under extreme field use. Garments worn close to the skin or in hot weather will need to be washed more often. Machine wash on gentle cycle, cold water with non-scented carbon wash approved by ScentLok technologies. Under normal conditions, ScentLok products need to be washed about 2-3 times per season.


Q: “Should I use a scent cover products & sprays on my ScentLok suit?”

A: We highly recommend you DO NOT use any liquid sprays that contain a cover scent (such as fall blends, earth, acorn, cedar or any others) or animal scents (such as racoon, buck, doe or any others) on or with our clothing. The carbon will adsorb the odor molecules in the cover sprays/scents making less room for the carbon to adsorb human odor while in the field.  However, it is acceptable to use liquid sprays WITHOUT cover scents, such as our liquid line, and our NFUSE Ozone sprayer on your ScentLok clothing and other gear such as your bow, boots, ladders, tree stands, etc.


Q: “How important are the gloves to the ScentLok system?”

A: Gloves are ideal for not leaving scent when on the way to and from the stand, handling decoys and equipment or when touching brush or limbs.


Q: “How do I store my ScentLok suit?”

A: Place your suit inside a ScentLok storage bag. For maximum protection, place inside a sealed plastic container or plastic tote. Our airtight bag is the perfect container for storage.


Q: “How long will my ScentLok suit last?”

A: The lifespan of the product really depends on how you use it. We roughly say that it should last 3-5 years; about what you would expect from other hunting camo. If you are a knee walking, belly crawling extreme hunter in the woods five months a year, the life span may be shorter. If you are in the field for 20-30 days a year and follow our instructions, 3-5 years can be expected. Some hunters are still wearing our original suits today!


Q: “How will I know when it is time to reactivate my ScentLok suit?”

A: There is no set time for this. An estimated 30-40 hours of hunting use for new suits is a general guideline. When hunting in warm weather with the suit directly next to your skin, the activated carbon may become saturated quicker than when hunting in cool, dry weather. The only true test of when reactivation becomes necessary is if you have been wearing the suit with good results and then you get winded by your prey. Headcovers and storage bags need reactivation twice as often.


Q: “I am having trouble finding my kisser button and shooting with the headcover on, what should I do?”

A: Our designs enable you to pull the lower portion of the headcover down, allowing for easy kisser button and anchor point placement. Our advice is for you to practice shooting wearing the complete system until is becomes second nature.


Q: “I’ve heard that the headcover is the most important part of the suit. Can I wear only the headcover and effectively control my scent?”

A: The headcover is an important part of a system and necessary to have as little scent as possible in the field. The head generates over 1/3 of the human odors generated in the body. Hair, breath and facial oils all need scent-control. In order to control your scent properly and achieve the best results it is imperative that you wear the full system of headcover, jacket, pants, gloves and scent-control footwear.


Q: “What do I do if I am being winded in ScentLok clothing?”

A: Reactivate your ScentLok products, re-spray your accessories with scent killer, wash boots if necessary, always dress and undress in the field, never expose any of your products or gear to vehicle, home or camp smells. Keep the headcover on and over your mouth and nose even during travel to and from your hunting location. Lastly, change your stand position as your prey may already be onto your current stand position.


Q: “What happens if it rains when I’m wearing ScentLok products?”

A: The water will not effect the adsorptive abilities of the activated carbon. ScentLok will work equally well whether it is hot, cold, wet or dry.


Q: “I’ve heard trained dogs can find people in ScentLok suits. If that is true, how can it work on whitetails?”

A: ScentLok has never designed a suit to overcome tracking dogs. We produce products that reduce enough human odor to overcome the deer’s sense of danger associated with human odor. It’s not the sense of smell that is the important thing to consider; it’s that animals react to human odor molecules much differently. A trained dog picks up on the slightest odor-molecule of a specific subject and seeks higher and higher concentrations of that specific odor trail until it reaches the subject. Due to its training, the dog has been conditioned to follow an odor trail to its source which ultimately results in a reward.

A wild deer, through its innate instincts and acquired survival tactics, will tolerate a certain threshold level of human odor before it reacts. For example, a deer may smell a footprint several days old and doesn’t run in panic, this small amount of human odor usually results in a curious response. A little more human odor and the deer may be tense, but not to the point of panic. And if a high enough concentration of odor is detected, the deer will eventually flee from the perceived danger.

Through the use of activated carbon technology, ScentLok clothing lowers the human odor signature to well below the level a typical big-game animal associates with danger. When wearing ScentLok properly, deer may sense a small amount of human odor but normally don’t detect enough to react visibly.


Q: “I’ve heard it takes over 900° to reactivate a ScentLok suit, is that true?”

A: No. Adsorption occurs in two distinctly different ways; chemisorption and physical adsorption. In ScentLok garments the human odor enters the activated carbon pores and typically forms a physical bond. This bond is called van der Waals interaction and the bonds break in a household dryer allowing for another round of adsorption. High temperatures and energy are required to break chemically bonded molecules. Chemical adsorption occurs when two molecules create a very strong covalent bond (the type of bond that creates water from hydrogen and oxygen) and needs extreme energy and heat to separate (900° and beyond) if it is even possible.


Q: “How do I use my OZ Product?”